Munch Etiquette

The Putney Munch takes place in a quiet pub, however, we do not have exclusive use, so there will be normal patrons in the pub (though at the other end of the bar).

Please be respectful of other patrons of the pub, it's their local, we are only using it once a month.

Please do not wear fetish wear. This is a normal pub, so please dress appropriately.

A munch is a social evening with like minded friends, it is not a pick up joint[*]. Please be respectful of other people attending the munch, and report any abuse immediately to the organisers.

[*]. By this I mean, that anyone at the munch has the right to attend the munch without expecting to be approached, hassled, or expected to reciprocate any advances. If you approach someone and they say they are not interested in your advances, you should respect that.

The by-word for anything BDSM is consent. Any non consensual acts will result in your immediate explusion from the munch.

Should I expect to find the Mistress/Master of my dreams at the Putney Munch

Maybe. Or maybe not. People attend munches for a number of reasons, they may be new to the scene, they may be wanting to meet up with friends, they may just like the beer. Some people at the munch will be looking for play partners, others might not be. The organisers can help you by introducing you to other people and by recommending other events you might find interesting, however, they have no idea who will be attending from one event to the next.

After the Munch...

The Pub is surrounded by flats, so please be polite to our neighbours and leave the pub quietly. Do not congregate outside of the pub afterwards as we have had complaints in the past.