When and where is the Putney Munch?

The Putney Munch is a monthly meeting at The Brick Layers Arms, 32 Waterman Street, Putney. It's held from 7.30pm until closing time at 11pm.

Putney Munch Dates for 2016 and onward

Look it's really simple, Putney Munch is on the First Thursday of the Month - EXCEPT WHEN IT ISN'T!.

When isn't it on the first of the month? If it's the first of January, in which case it's the week later.

If your worried the munch isn't on? - check on Twitter or on FetLife for the latest updates.

Still worried it's not on? If you turn up, you *are* the munch. Therefore it's on.

But what if no one else turns up? This has never happened, once, in eleven years.

What if the world ends, and the pubs closed? There is another pub over the road, I'd try there

No really, what if no one turns up?. Buy a drink, it's a pub.