Why the picture of the blokes in hats?

Just to clear up an confusion, here is a detailed analysis between the event in the picture and the Putney Munch.

Image from the Putney Debates

The Putney DebatesThe Putney Munch
Happened in Putney in 1647. Happens monthly in Putney since September 2005.
Attended by factions of the New Model Army and the Levellers. Attended by people interested in the BDSM and Fetish scene.
Took place in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Putney. Takes place in the Bricklayers arms.
Attendees probably didn't get dressed up very often, but are dressed up for this. Attendees like getting dressed up, but don't for this event.
Seemed to have some sort of indoor hat fetish. May have interests in other fetishes as well as hats.
Sat around a table. Some people sit, others stand.
Had a debate. We chat, drink and eat food.

In summary, some people think about this stuff way too much.

So that's cleared all that up yeah?

Is there anything to eat?

The pub does not provide food, however it is a very relaxed and easy going pub, which is happy for people to order out for a take away should you feel a little peckish. The organisers also bring a selection of nibbles, dips and cake for you to enjoy.

Is there a late license?

No. Last orders is 11pm.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for the putney munch is 'vanilla'. Basically this means what you would consider acceptable for an evening down the pub with your mates. ie, casual, jeans and t-shirt.

The aim of a munch is to provide a friendly atmosphere for people to meet like minded people without immediately having to meet their kink. A vanilla dresscode helps us keep a newbie friendly atmosphere, as no one feels any pressure to have to dress up, or feels that they might be outed by virtue of someone else at the event being dressed up.

If you feel you need to dress up at a social event, the Putney Munch team recommends the Watford Munch, the London Fetish Fair, the London Alternative Market, or the Birmingham Bizaar Bazaar, which are all fetish dress and TV friendly.

Which Mike am I talking too?

There are two people called Mike. The Mike who runs the munch on the night, and the other Mike who used to run the munch but still occasionally gets email and answers it. Do not confuse the two. There are also other people called Mike who attend the munch. They are someone else.